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Ethiopia Becomes China’s China in Search for Cheap Labor

. Ethiopian employees work inside the Huajian Shoes’ factory outside Addis Ababa . By Kevin Hamlin, Ilya Gridneff and William Davison Jul 22, 2014 Ethiopian workers strolling through the parking lot of Huajian Shoes’ factory outside Addis Ababa last month chose the wrong day to leave their shirts un-tucked. Company President Zhang Huarong, just arrived […]

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21 July 2014 News Round-Up (UPDATED)

. Sudan’s economic ties with Ethiopia are deepening . . Event In mid‑July Ethiopian media reported that Sudan had become the second-biggest foreign investor in Ethiopia, after China. Analysis Figures for Sudanese investment in Ethiopia appear to be only rough estimations. For example, the head of the Sudanese Investors Society in Addis Ababa has said that […]

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20 July 2014 News Briefs

Tired soils put future food availability at risk The increasing degradation of earth’s peak soil through over cultivation and nutrient mining is putting pressure on food production with researchers warning that by 2050 agricultural production will dip by up to 30 percent even as population is expected to hit 9.6 billion, up from 7.2 billion […]

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IFAD – Two Stories Over Coffee

. Introducing new technology for small scale coffee growers . . Thanks to its ideal climate in the high plateaux of Eastern Africa, Ethiopia is producing some of the best coffee in the world with unique arabica varieties not found anywhere else. Coffee is also a great source of income for the country, representing about […]

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Ethiopia – Language, Culture, Customs and Etiquette

. Facts and Statistics . Location: Eastern Africa, west of Somalia Capital: Addis Ababa Climate: tropical monsoon with wide topographic-induced variation Population: 82,544,840 (July 2008 est.) Ethnic Make-up: Oromo 32.1%, Amara 30.1%, Tigraway 6.2%, Somalie 5.9%, Guragie 4.3%, Sidama 3.5%, Welaita 2.4%, other 15.4% (1994 census) Religions: Christian 60.8% (Orthodox 50.6%, Protestant 10.2%), Muslim 32.8%, […]

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19 July 2014 Economic News

. New Nile Petroleum Company Headquarters in Ethiopia . Nile Petroleum Company announced that new headquarters of the company will be inaugurated soon in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. The placement of the headquarters for the leading petroleum company indicates that the company is keen on benefiting from the Ethiopian market and marketing its […]

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Building food security in Ethiopia

Fatuma Ahmed (pictured above, on the right) a pastoralist in Ethiopia’s Afar region, where women are seen and not heard . By Jaspreet Kindra . AFAR (NORTHEASTERN ETHIOPIA) , 18 July 2014 (IRIN) – Ethiopia’s Productive Safety Net Programme (PSNP), set up in 2005, aims to make fully food secure the millions of people still […]

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Quinoa isn’t the only ancient crop falling prey to Western gluten-free appetites

Originally posted on Quartz:
Huge numbers of Americans and others in the Western world have moved away from low-fat and sugar-free diets, and instead are going bonkers for gluten-free. While some delight in calling this a fad or a hoax, gluten-free sections are taking over supermarkets, where the sales of gluten-free products increased 16.4% from 2013, making it a $23.3-billion industry (paywall). But…

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RISK MATTERS: Is Multilateralism the Way Out?

  Michel Wormser, vice president and chief operations officer (COO) of the Agency came to Ethiopia last week.   One of the five agencies of the World Bank Group, a multilateral financial institution, the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA), specialises in political risk insurance. With private investors becoming overly cautious in their investment decision in […]

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Ethiopia is a country in demand

. By Zeleke Tesfaye Tigrai Onlne – July 14, 2014 Recently our country hosted two of our world’s super power countries’ high level delegation in a span of one week – American and china. In American side, it was led by the country’s secretary of state John Kerry, while the China’s delegation was led by […]

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