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Sisi and The Nile Basin Reset

Originally posted on Water Security:
This post is part of a long-running series on the Nile Basin. For more information see the dedicated page. By Patrick Keys If you haven’t been paying attention the last few years, here’s a sum-up: Mubarak was overthrown, Egypt’s new leader President Morsi engaged in some saber-rattling, prospects for Nile basin diplomacy eased with a…

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Why you should care who’s in line to run Africa’s development bank

Originally posted on Quartz:
This week, the African Development Bank (AfDB), the World Bank of Africa if you like, will elect a new president to replace Donald Kaberuka, a former Rwandan finance minister, who steps down on August 31 after a decade in charge. While the race to succeed Kaberuka remains unpredictable, three candidates stand out. The Nigerian agriculture…

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26 May 2015 News Flash

This blog’s economics related news updates will resume once all the Ethiopian election mumbo jumbo has run it’s course, folks get back to business, and there’s something worth passing along. Anyways, looks like the election went well by accounts I’ve seen, so it should be most positive once it all shakes out.

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South Boulder Confirms 1.1 Bt Maiden Ore Reserve for Colluli

Originally posted on Industrial Minerals:
Source: ASX Announcement Summary: The first potassium salt ore reserve estimate for Colluli has been released: 1.1 Bt @ 10%K2O equivalent, which is made up of 287 Mt Proved reserve, and 820 Mt Probable A ‘resource’ is already known for this site, with 85% of it being converted to a…

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22 May 2015 Ethiopia Business News (UPDATED)

. Ethiopia’s economy to grow 10.5 percent in 2015/16: World Bank . By Drazen Jorgic – Fri May 22, 2015  ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (Reuters) – Ethiopia’s economy is expected to grow by 9.5 percent this fiscal year ending June before accelerating to 10.5 percent in 2015/16, the World Bank said on Friday, adding inflation will remain in […]

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Renaissance Or Mirage: Can Africa Sustain Its Growth?

Originally posted on EMerging Equity:
By Stephen Onyeiwu The world’s eyes have turned to Africa after what many consider to be an unprecedented economic performance. Even the most cautious analysts are so sanguine about the continent’s economic prospects that they are willing to bet on its rosy future. The International Monetary Fund expects sub-Saharan Africa to…

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This wind turbine generates power without blades

Originally posted on Quartz:
Growing interest in alternative energy sources has made the three-pronged white metal wind turbines dotted across open landscapes a familiar sight. But thanks to a Spanish energy startup known as Vortex Bladeless, there’s a new type of turbine in town with a rather different look—and the potential to be cheaper and more reliable. Vortex’s generator resembles a giant…

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19 May 2015 Economic News Wrap (UPDATED)

. India exploring investment opportunities in Ethiopia . May 19,2015 Addis Ababa: A delegation of Indian investors from various sectors came on a three-day visit here during the course of which they met Ethiopian officials to discuss multi-sector projects that would benefit the two countries and strengthen the long standing Ethiopian-Indian diplomatic and socio-economic relations. […]

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Teff: The world’s next super grain

Originally posted on SPEAKZEASY:
At harvest time, in Ethiopia, farmers are seen using pitchforks and throwing dry grass (called LOVEGRASS) into the air in an ancient process known as “winnowing” to dislodge the seeds.  The seed or grain, in question, is called TEFF, the “world’s next super grain”. Ethiopians have been growing and obsessing about…

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15 May 2015 News Round-Up

. Growth of Ethiopia construction sector to surpass that of regional peers, BMI says . Light Rail Construction – Ethiopia Construction Sector to grow driven by infrastructure investments Ethiopia’s construction sector will outgrow that of neighbors in the region over the next ten years, according to projections by BMI Research International. The construction sector will […]

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