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Report: 168 Million Children Worldwide Were Laborers in 2013

Originally posted on TIME:
The U.S. Labor Department reported Tuesday that globally last year 168 million children between the ages of 5- and 17-years-old were laborers, with many performing hazardous jobs. A whopping 85 million of the 168 million child laborers in 2013 were performing hazardous labor in which their health or safety was compromised,…

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All aboard the UK’s first poop bus

Originally posted on Quartz:
Public transport powered by human waste and sewage could be the next big trend in sustainable energy. For real. The UK’s “Bio-Bus” embarked on its maiden voyage today, running entirely on biomethane gas produced by treating waste and sewage at a plant run by the biotechnology company GENeco. The 40-seat bus operated by…

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Why Wall Street investors and Chinese firms are buying farmland all over the world

Originally posted on THE ETHIOPIA OBSERVATORY:
Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO) by vox.com As the world’s population soars past 7 billion, farmland and freshwater are becoming increasingly valuable resources. CRITICS WORRY THAT THE TRADE HAS SPURRED A RISE IN ‘LAND GRABBING’ And, in response, a growing number of companies and investors — Wall Street…

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The world’s oldest monopoly is finally coming to an end

Originally posted on Quartz:
Starting in 2016, China will start liberalizing its nearly 2,600-year-old monopoly on table salt—opening up the world’s oldest monopoly to competition at last. At the moment, China National Salt Industry Corporation is the only entity allowed to sell table salt in China. And it’s a big business. China produces more of it than any other country, and,…

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Africa’s Failure to Industrialize: Bad Luck or Bad Policy?

. John Page | November 20, 2014 . On Thursday, November 20 the United Nations celebrates the 25th Africa Industrialization Day. But perhaps “celebrate” is not exactly the right word. Africa’s experience with industrialization over the past quarter century has actually been disappointing. In 2010 sub-Saharan Africa’s average share of manufacturing value added in GDP […]

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China just realized it needs to clean up the football field-sized cesspools destroying its deserts

Originally posted on Quartz:
In the 1990s, wastewater “evaporation ponds” emerged as a way for Chinese factories to pursue zero-emissions goals and win building approval from Chinese authorities. But many of the factories are coal and chemical plants, whose discharge contains petrochemicals that prevent wastewater from evaporating. Now, after decades of complaints from locals and recent…

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Buyout firms explore Africa’s frontier markets

. By Alec Macfarlane 20 November 2014 . When Kohlberg Kravis Roberts invested roughly $200 million in a rose farm in Ethiopia this summer, many in the market were surprised. . The investment itself made sense – Afriflora grows more than 700 million flowers to export to Europe each year, making it an important part […]

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We may be close to a world of limitless power from artificial leaves

Originally posted on Quartz:
Sandwiched between rows of bottled chemicals and racks of drying glassware on the third floor of Harvard University’s Mallinckrodt laboratory, four thumbnail-size bits of pinstriped silicon hang from a thin metal wire like T-shirts on a clothesline. For something with the potential to transform our energy infrastructure, this technology could not…

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18 Nov. 2014 Economic News (UPDATED)

. Africa Economy to Grow 50% by 2019 on Demand Jump, Deloitte Says . . By Amogelang Mbatha Nov 18, 2014 Africa’s gross domestic product may expand by 50 percent to $3.7 trillion by 2019, boosted by an emerging middle class and increased household demand, according to Deloitte. “Rising consumer demand, aligned with annual growth […]

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Why India, not China, is a better investment partner for Africa

Originally posted on Quartz:
Did you read the story on Chinese investment in Africa? They’re being published in droves, usually with a vaguely racist headline, like “Booming African lion economies gear up to emulate Asians.” Their texts inevitably frame African nations as witless newcomers to the global market, their leaders sitting obliviously atop mountains of…

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