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Insurance for Ethiopian herders aims to combat drought, conflict – TRFN

Originally posted on Index Based Livestock Insurance:
Nomadic livestock herders in Ethiopia have received their first payout from an insurance scheme that tracks poor pasture conditions with satellite technology. Ethiopia has difficulty drawing full advantage from its livestock resources – the largest in Africa – because of the unreliability of pasture and water caused by…

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Ethiopia and Gambia most Internet freedom repressive in Africa

Originally posted on One Democratic Ethiopia:
Internet freedom in Africa: Ethiopia and The Gambia most repressive; South Africa and Kenya freest African governments are remarkably sophisticated when it comes to surveillance, spying, and the use of malware ETHIOPIA, The Gambia and Sudan are some of the most repressive places in Africa for online freedom, a new report by…

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19 December 2014 News round-Up

. Investment: Made in Ethiopia . By Jacey Fortin in Addis Ababa Almeda Textiles benefits from low overhead costs, but is limited by challenging logistics. . Low costs attract investors, but there are many obstacles to the country’s industrialisation.The Ethiopian government is pouring resources into industrialisation in an effort to break into global markets. In […]

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Financing Africa’s massive projects

. Innovative bankrolling gains popularity and raises high hopes among key countries . By:  Kingsley Ighobor and Busani Bafana . An artist’s impression of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.    . It is an audacious $4.8 billion project undertaken by one of the world’s poorest countries.  At the construction site in the Benishangul region of Ethiopia […]

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Ethio Telecom signs agreement with Ericsson to transform its Chinese firm abandoned network

Originally posted on THE ETHIOPIA OBSERVATORY:
Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO) Ericsson’s Press Release states that a framework agreement on 2G/3G mobile communication equipment and related services – such as design, planning, deployment, tuning, and optimization – was signed Tuesday with Ethio Telecom. In terms of specifics, the Ericsson statement indicates that this agreement…

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Montpellier Panel issues its report on Africa’s soil degradation

Originally posted on THE ETHIOPIA OBSERVATORY:
By Keffyalew Gebremedhin – The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO) A panel constituting African and European members, the Panel, has issued its 36-page report, titled: No Ordinary Matter; Conserving, Restoring and Enhancing Africa’s soils, whose presentation is linked to the World Soil Day on December 5, 2014. It is rather adding…

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Crop Loss Tackling Under Whelms

Dereje Digaffe (above, pictured) was winnowing the raw wheat to separate the grain from the chaff, winnowing is part of crop processing during the port harvest season, and it is locally called mabearyet. By FASIKA TADESSE Fortune staff writer Post-harvest crop loss starts from harvesting, handling, storing, processing, packing and transporting the crop until the […]

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09 December 2014 Business News (UPDATED)

. Intra-COMESA Trade now at US $20.9 billion . Intra-regional trade in COMESA has steadily risen from US $3 billion to US $20.9 billion since the establishment of a Free Trade Area in 2000. This however, excludes the informal trade across the borders that currently goes largely unrecorded but which has been estimated at over […]

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05 December 2014 News Round-Up

. Ethiopia eyes record coffee exports . By Aaron Maasho in Addis Ababa . The head of Ethiopia’s exporters association says the East African country expects coffee exports for its 2014/15 crop to hit a record high because of drought and disease stifling crops in Latin America. An unprecedented drought early this year reduced the […]

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Allana Potash – Developing Low Cost Potash for Emerging Markets in Africa

Originally posted on Financial Post | Business:
Allana Potash- Developing Low Cost Potash for Emerging Markets in Africa Developing a potash resource in the middle of Ethiopia where the temperature remains a steady 40 degrees Celsius all year round is a process. Allana Potash Corp. (T.AAA) knows it has a substantial resource but it also knows…

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