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21 October 2014 News Round-Up (UPDATED)

. Number of foreign investors grows by threefold . . The number of investors interested to start business and investment in Ethiopia has grown by threefold during the past two years, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said. Some 365 investors visited Ethiopia in 2005E.C., either to see the opportunities, conduct feasibility assessment or open their […]

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Less than 1% of the planned 2300 km train projects completed – GK

. Four and half years ago, the ruling party EPRDF unveiled , the then impressive 5 year Grand Transformation Plan. In this plan, in 5 corridors, as phase 1, five big railway projects were listed and authorities promised they would deliver by June 2015. To alleviate public transportation in Ababa Ababa, a light railway project […]

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A solution for the next big super grain?

. Teff, used as a primary ingredient to prepare injera, has for long been considered as an ordinary, yet cherished grain by Ethiopians. The local obsession with teff is now spreading within the global community. Dubbed the “next big super grain”, the gluten-free nutritious teff is rich in calcium, iron and protein. Despite its growing […]

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Yara finalizes USD 100 million potash exploration project

  . Yara finalizes USD 100 million potash exploration project Yara Dallol BV, a subsidiary of Yara International, is finalizing a potash exploration project in the Afar Regional State with an outlay of 100 million dollars.  Sanjay Singh Rathore, executive director of Yara Dallol BV, last week said that his company has been prospecting for […]

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Pee or get off the potash Ethiopia!

. Any available opinion regarding Ethiopia’s further economic trajectory starts and ends on the official line, but what is the passive observer to make of what is offered before them? The failure of the potash resource exploitation is a sore case in point. Is it enough that the GDP growth declared by the government leads […]

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Ethiopia – Doing it the Japanese way

. The Japanese workplace philosophy of Kaizen is sweeping all before it in factories and workshops in Ethiopia. The philosophy, developed by Japan after World War II to make the most of meagre resources through efficiency, seems to be a perfect fit for Ethiopia’s industrial needs. James Jeffrey made the rounds of businesses in Addis […]

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17 October 2014 News Briefs

. Ethiopia-to-Djibouti Rail to Be Complete in a Year, PM Says . By William Davison Oct 17, 2014 . An electrified rail link from Ethiopia’s capital along its main trade route to neighboring Djibouti will be completed by October 2015, Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn said. The Railways Corp. project, funded with a $1.6 billion advance […]

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In Ethiopia, foreign investment is a fancy word for stealing land

Originally posted on Quartz:
It’s been called by some to be a new form of colonialism. Others say it is outright theft. Since 2000, over 37 million hectares of land, mainly in the world’s poorest nations, have been acquired by foreign investors “without the free, prior, and informed consent of communities” in what, according to Oxfam and other…

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A short history of France’s battles over taxing the wealthy

Originally posted on Quartz:
There are many exceptions françaises, and one is the approach to the super-rich. France is the only country in Europe left with a wealth tax. But all the candidates for head of the rightwing UMP party in France—including, most recently, returning former president Nicolas Sarkozy (link in French)—have come out against it as they bid to take on François…

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Ethiopia finally is headlong into new ‘improved’ seeds; do they call them GMOs?

Originally posted on THE ETHIOPIA OBSERVATORY:
Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO) by Andualem Sisay Gessesse, The East African Gadisa Gobena, 68, first worked as a teacher of agriculture in high school during the Derg Regime in Ethiopia. He then served in agriculture related positions in government before securing a scholarship from America’s Illinois State…

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